Luke Shaw is Providior’s Co-Founder and Business Development Manager.

But more than that, Luke’s authentic approach to building relationships and finding genuine solutions has made him a firm client favourite.

Find out why Luke’s values have helped set Providior apart.

Luke, you co-founded Providior seven years ago. What’s different now than in the beginning?

I was one of three co-founders and we’re all still involved in the business. What’s different now is there’s more awareness of disbursement funding in the market. When we started, we needed to do a lot of education, letting lawyers know what we did and how it could be of benefit to them and their clients. I think they acutely knew there was an issue in terms of their cash flow, certainly in the personal injury space, but addressing that issue was not front of mind. They were understandably singularly focused on being lawyers.

You’ve worked in engineering consultancies, hospitality, not for profits and state and local governments. How has that experience shaped your approach at Providior?

I think the diversity of experiences has added perspective. I am professional but more importantly, I try to make a human connection. You’re speaking to a real person on the phone or emailing someone who is looking for real solutions. These issues are often very personal so be human and listen first and talk second. In terms of legal matters, they are stressful and generally only happen to people once in their lifetime so I think having that human approach is critical. For whatever reasons, my approach has resonated with our customers and I’m grateful for that.

Providior’s growth over recent years has been extraordinary. What has pleased you most about that?

The growth in the business is very exciting. Given my role, the most satisfying part is that we have developed excellent relationships with our customers and our partners who love what we’re doing and that we love working with. With greater access to capital and world-class expertise we’ve been able to amplify our market profile and attract clients who are aligned with our values and develop deeper, more rewarding relationships with them – often beyond their initial expectations. We’ve also been able to explore new market segments and bring forward our growth plans. Another pleasing aspect is that we had always wanted to build a business that was fun and enjoyable to be part of and I think we have achieved that. Our vision is being realised and it’s just a great time in the business’s evolution.

When Providior receives praise from clients, you’re often directly mentioned. Why do think that is? What’s your secret?

Look, I don’t know that it’s a secret but I genuinely care about them. I just like picking up the phone, being there and communicating. In a digital age, that can be rare. And I think that the time you’re most valuable to someone is when things are a little bit trickier or when they go wrong, and that’s when we really shine.

What are some of the misconceptions about the business?

Some lawyers have said that it’s expensive or unnecessary. We’ve proved time and again that’s not the case. You can’t expect a lawyer to be an accountant or necessarily see how funding done the right way can benefit them. Sometimes there isn’t an obvious pain point in a law practice so it’s about the unseen missed opportunity of freeing up cash when you’re already successful and self-funding. Principals and Practice Managers get very excited when they realise the additional revenue and profit opportunities through employing another solicitor or running more effective marketing.

What’s important to you outside Providior?

I try and live a balanced life, focused on family and relationships. You can find me in the garden!

What’s the future for Providior?

The future is very bright. Firstly, we’re developing more products for different practice areas as well as other professional service sectors. And, we’re looking at innovative offerings that we can bring to the market like Before-The-Event insurance and After-The-Event insurance which haven’t been taken up in Australia in the same way they have in the US and UK. Look there’s so many different things we can do. We are very proud of the relationships we have built with our customers and take great pleasure in finding workable solutions with them. That will continue to drive us. Our vision is to have a full suite of products that we can offer to any professional services firm, regardless of their profession or practice type.

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