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We deliver tailored funding solutions to help your law firm grow, transform and prosper.

For effective financial management firms need to consider many things, but two of the main items are overheads and cashflow. Law firms face the challenge of needing to provide a service to clients (and all the expenses that come with running a practice) prior to realising any income. Cashflow budgets can help identify periods where expected revenue is insufficient to cover regular payments. This also goes hand in hand with knowing your lock up period – look at the sum of your WIP and debtors and this will reveal how long your capital is locked up for.

Despite having a good bank of files and work in progress (WIP), there can be times when reserves are stretched. While banks will not always extend credit against WIP, we understand the strength of your business and provide funding tailored to your needs.

Outsourcing disbursement funding can free up your cash flow, reducing pressure on your general account as well as reducing interest and finance costs associated with overdrafts and traditional bank lending.

Our pre-settlement funding can also be offered to your clients, providing much needed cash at a difficult time.

About Providior

Our clients are solicitors, financial controllers and practice directors.

At Providior, we understand that law firms have a unique set of requirements that informs what outlays will be funded by claimants and how the financing costs are also borne by those claimants. We’ve provided law firms with working capital, processed thousands of transactions on their behalf and paid hundreds of suppliers. Understanding that you need to keep reports coming in and claims moving, we offer same-day processing of your invoices, access to transparent reporting and practical reporting tools.

“The tools are fast, efficient and get my disbursements paid on time with excellent status reporting.”

“Providior has become integral to our cash flow management.”

“Just keep doing what you are doing.”

“They are fast, friendly and professional.”

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