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About Providior

Who is Providior?2019-10-01T23:42:53+00:00

Providior is a private, independent, and wholly Australian-owned specialist funding solutions company, based in Brisbane and operating nationally.

What does Providior do?2023-08-21T03:44:23+00:00

Providior is a leading provider of specialist funding solutions to professional service firms and their clients. We give you peace of mind so you can stop focusing on cash flow, start concentrating on workflow, and grow your business. Our core products are Providior Plus, Providior Premier, Providior Max and Pre-Settlement Loans.

Why is there a need for a third-party organisation to provide specialist funding?2019-10-01T23:41:08+00:00

The face of the finance industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. While traditional banks still dominate the finance sector, their offering does not always meet the brief. As a result of the more bespoke requirements of various industry segments, specialist service providers have evolved to meet this demand. Professional service firms have unique funding requirements requiring a more specialist solution, with less red tape, more flexibility, and individual servicing.

Why choose Providior?2019-10-01T23:53:21+00:00
  • Unlock your capital – grow your business instead of concentrating on your cash flow
  • Save money – enjoy market leading rates
  • Access industry knowledge – tap into our experience and benefit
  • Work with funding specialists – customise a loan package to meet your unique circumstances
  • Receive exceptional value and service – each time, every time

Our Funding Process

What interest rate do you charge?2019-10-01T23:34:23+00:00

We offer highly competitive terms and back this up with exceptional service. For our law firm clients, we endeavour to provide funding at rates that can be passed on to your clients in full.

How do I sign up with Providior?2023-08-21T03:46:29+00:00

It’s quick and easy.  Visit our Contact page to send us an email enquiry or give us a call on (07) 3831 5193. We will get in touch with you to discuss your business and funding. We will also ask you to complete a simple Facility Application form. If your facility is approved, we will prepare and sign a Loan Agreement with you. We can have your facility established and funding available within days.

If my business grows, can I increase funding?2019-10-01T23:34:44+00:00

You can! We love seeing our clients prosper and will continue working with you to achieve your growth plans. As in the initial stages, we would discuss with your ongoing requirements and update our Loan Agreement accordingly.

Our Funding Solutions

What does Providior fund?2023-08-21T03:46:27+00:00
  • Providior Max – Work In Progress (WIP) funding for all your working capital needs
  • Providior Plus and Providior Premier – Disbursement Funding to unlock your cashflow
  • Pre-Settlement Loans – Short term, one-off funding for litigation clients

Visit our Funding Solutions page to learn more.

Disbursement Funding

What is the payment process for disbursements?2019-09-20T01:16:12+00:00

Providior will pay any disbursement that can be paid by EFT (electronic funds transfer). We do not place restrictions on which doctors or professionals you use, and there is no minimum payment amount. If a disbursement has been approved by you, we will process it. For disbursements that can’t be paid by EFT, request (through the client portal) a deposit of funds into your General Account to cover these outlays.

Disbursements we will pay include expert consultant’s fees (accountants, safety engineers, specialists etc.); clinical records from hospitals; medical experts’ reports and/or other external consultants; court fees; process servers’ and agent’s fees; travel and accommodation; witness fees; search fees; inquiry fees; lodgement fees; all government revenue charges; transaction-specific banking charges; transcripts charges etc.

How do I keep track of payments?2019-09-20T01:14:39+00:00

We provide our clients with regular Transaction and Loan Statements. Interim reports are readily available upon request – just talk to our friendly staff and we can help.

What happens when a file settles?2019-09-20T01:13:03+00:00

Let us know when a file is getting close to settlement and we will provide you with an accurate indication of the amount owing to Providior.

When a file settles and you receive monies into your trust account, we will provide you with a Statement of Account (payable within 7 days).

What happens when a file fails to settle?2019-09-20T00:59:11+00:00

As per the Loan Agreement that you sign with Providior (see below for more information), you are legally responsible to repay the outstanding amount (total disbursements funded plus interest accrued) irrespective of the outcome of the file. Our funding is not offered on a speculative basis.

How does the loan agreement work?2019-09-20T00:59:11+00:00

The Loan Agreement sets out the basis on which we will fund disbursements for you. In particular, it will detail the facility type, amount approved, interest rate, establishment fee and term of the facility.

The Loan Agreement is between Providior and your Firm. It is not between Providior and your client. You are legally responsible to repay the outstanding amount (total disbursements funded plus interest accrued) irrespective of the outcome of the file. Our funding is not offered on a speculative basis.

Your Firm would typically have a signed Costs Agreement and/or Disclosure Statement with your client that:

    • Authorises your Firm to obtain funding from Providior to pay disbursements
    • Authorises you to pay Providior the total amount of disbursements plus interest accrued from settlement funds (upon the successful completion of the file)
    • Specifies that if the file does not successfully conclude, then they will not be responsible for repaying outlays or interest accrued
How does the Providior funding system work?2019-09-20T00:59:11+00:00

Once you become a Providior client, we will work with you to ensure you and your staff are confident using our client portal.

Is my information secure?2019-09-20T00:59:11+00:00

The security of your information is important to us. We use Security Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt sensitive information before it is transferred over the Internet. You can verify this by looking for a closed lock icon in the address bar of your web browser or looking for “https” at the beginning of the address of the web page. We follow generally accepted standards to protect the information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it.

More Questions?

If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re just a phone call or email away and would be happy to help with your enquiries.

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