About Providior

Who is Providior?


Providior is a private, independent, and wholly Australian-owned specialist funding solutions company, based in Brisbane and operating nationally.

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What does Providior do?


Providior is a leading provider of specialist funding solutions to professional service firms and their clients. We give you peace of mind so you can stop focusing on cash flow, start concentrating on workflow, and grow your business. Our core products are Providior Plus, Providior Premier, Providior Max and Pre-Settlement Loans.

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Why is there a need for a third-party organisation to provide specialist funding?


The face of the finance industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. While traditional banks still dominate the finance sector, their offering does not always meet the brief. As a result of the more bespoke requirements of various industry segments, specialist service providers have evolved to meet this demand. Professional service firms have unique [...]

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Why choose Providior?


Unlock your capital – grow your business instead of concentrating on your cash flow Save money – enjoy market leading rates Access industry knowledge - tap into our experience and benefit Work with funding specialists – customise a loan package to meet your unique circumstances Receive exceptional value and service – each time, every time

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