• What does Providior do?

    • Providior is a leading provider of specialist funding solutions to professional service firms and their clients. We give you peace of mind so you can stop focusing on cash flow, start concentrating on workflow, and grow your business. Our core products are Providior Plus, Providior Premier, Providior Max and Pre-Settlement Loans.
  • How do we fund?

    • We provide each of our law firms with a facility limit to accommodate the number of matters and average disbursements on each matter. Similar to a revolving line of credit, when disbursements are paid on a matter, the amount is deducted from the available limit. You simply forward your disbursements to us when you receive them and we pay them the same day to allow your matters to keep moving. Repayments are only made when the matter settles or at the end of term. When matters are settled and repaid, the law firm can borrow up to the facility limit again without going through another approval process.
  • Why is there a need for a third-party organisation to provide specialist funding?

    • The face of the finance industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. While traditional banks still dominate the finance sector, their offering does not always meet the brief. As a result of the more bespoke requirements of various industry segments, specialist service providers have evolved to meet this demand. Professional service firms have unique funding requirements requiring a more specialist solution, with less red tape, more flexibility, and individual servicing.
  • If my business grows, can I increase my funding?

    • You can! We love seeing our clients prosper and will continue working with you to achieve your growth plans. As in the initial stages, we would discuss your ongoing requirements and update our Loan Agreement accordingly.
  • What is the payment process for disbursements?

    • Providior will pay any disbursement that can be paid by EFT (electronic funds transfer). We do not place restrictions on which doctors or professionals you use, and there is no minimum payment amount. If a disbursement has been approved by you, we will process it. For disbursements that can’t be paid by EFT, request (through the client portal) a deposit of funds into your General Account to cover these outlays.

      Disbursements we will pay include expert consultant’s fees (accountants, safety engineers, specialists etc.); clinical records from hospitals; medical experts’ reports and/or other external consultants; court fees; process servers’ and agent’s fees; travel and accommodation; witness fees; search fees; inquiry fees; lodgement fees; all government revenue charges; transaction-specific banking charges; transcripts charges etc.
  • How do I keep track of payments?

    • We provide our clients with regular Transaction and Loan Statements. Interim reports are readily available upon request – just talk to our friendly staff and we can help.
  • What happens when a file settles?

    • Let us know when a file is getting close to settlement and we will provide you with an accurate indication of the amount owing to Providior.
      When a file settles and you receive monies into your trust account, we will provide you with a Statement of Account (payable within 7 days).

Australia's most trusted provider of disbursement funding for no-win no-fee personal injury law firms.

Defer payment of third-party costs until settlement.
Same-day processing of your invoices. 
Access to transparent reporting and practical reporting tools.
Market-leading rates. 
Pay disbursements on the same day they are submitted.

Say goodbye to no-win no-fee financial roadblocks with our fast, flexible and cost-effective disbursement funding

"It has been a pleasure to use the services of Providior who have been with my firm since its early inception. Providior are very easy to work with and they have excellent systems in place ensuring that they pay disbursements on the same day they are submitted. Luke in particular has gone above and beyond to assist Amk Lawyers and the company has played an important role in the growth of Amk Lawyers. Further, they have great customer service and friendly staff who respond very quickly. For instance, when a matter settles and we ask for payout details, we receive an email within 5-10 minutes, which is exceptional. I cannot thank Providior enough and strongly recommend the company to anyone needing a disbursement funder.”"

AMK Lawyers

"Luke Shaw and his team at Providior have been with us right from the start. There is no way our business would have succeeded without Providior’s assistance and support. We’ve found Providior to be very easy to work with, and they have accommodated us when things haven’t gone to plan. I would have no hesitation in recommending Providior to anyone in the personal injuries field."

Morgan Clifford

"I recommend the services of Providior who have provided me with an exemplary and expeditious quality of service. In particular, I have had the pleasure of working with Linda who has been my single point of contact, her knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping my small business on-track and ensuring a smooth cash flow. I feel confident in recommending Providior’s services."

Scout Litigation Support Pty Ltd

"The team at Providior however have proven to be a breath of fresh air……down to earth, swift, efficient and accommodating, not only at the beginning of the relationship but more importantly ongoing. This has allowed us to focus our time and energy on helping our clients in need. Their industry knowledge and reputation are unparalleled and have become the gold standard against which we and many other firms on their panel measure their funders. I have been particularly impressed also at the way in which they have custom built some specialised products to assist our clients in their time of greatest need.
I have no hesitation in recommending the people at Providior to any firm that insists on the same level of service as their clients’ deserve."

Schreuders Compensation Lawyers

"Providior has been an integral part of our business structure. Providior’s intuitive member portal and flexible funding plans have assisted in easing the financial burden on our business of funding disbursements and outlays ourselves. It has enabled us to apply these needed funds to other facets of our organisation that may ordinarily be neglected. We have had a long- standing relationship with Providior, connecting with them from our very first day of operation. Providior have provided us with exceptional and personable service, tailoring their processes to accommodate to our business and client needs. We highly recommend Providior and their continued support is invaluable."

A Happy Providior Customer

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