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Economic conditions and legal finance


With the latest inflation data just released, economic conditions are front of mind for most Australians and it’s no surprise that consumer sentiment and business confidence indices are declining.  However the SME lending market remains strong and law firms can benefit from stable credit providers. Economic Environment It’s more than a decade since [...]

Economic conditions and legal finance2022-08-19T04:37:37+00:00

The Top 3 Insights Our Clients Have Taught Us


In previous posts we touched on how much we love building strategic relationships with our clients. Our aim has always been to provide more than what is expected. Besides being a far more enjoyable interaction, it just makes good business sense. Genuinely happy clients will be far greater advertisers of your business than [...]

The Top 3 Insights Our Clients Have Taught Us2021-06-22T05:24:19+00:00

Five reasons to consider Medico-Legal services for your practice


Medico-legal assessments, often referred to as Independent Medical Examinations, are typically requested for the purpose of an ongoing injury compensation claim by a lawyer, the insurance company or the insurer’s lawyer. However, the medicolegal field is broad and spans all industries, with many Independent Medical Examiners (IME) relied upon for their opinion directly to [...]

Five reasons to consider Medico-Legal services for your practice2021-05-25T00:05:22+00:00

Meet Luke Shaw


Luke Shaw is Providior’s Co-Founder and Business Development Manager. But more than that, Luke’s authentic approach to building relationships and finding genuine solutions has made him a firm client favourite. Find out why Luke’s values have helped set Providior apart. Luke, you co-founded Providior seven years ago. What’s different now than in [...]

Meet Luke Shaw2021-04-14T00:30:21+00:00

5 tips to playing the cash flow game


How well are you playing the game? Cash flow management is a game with strategy behind it. Sometimes, trying to work out where a payment is buried inside complicated client organisation structures can be as hard as working out who is aligned to whom in Games of Thrones. While most of your [...]

5 tips to playing the cash flow game2019-10-21T16:35:24+00:00

Latest trends in non-bank finance


So what’s new in the non-bank finance sector, and what does this mean for your business growth opportunities? The demand for niche financial services has never been so strong. This demand is partly due to the findings of the banking royal commission, which has been big news for the last couple of years. [...]

Latest trends in non-bank finance2019-10-21T16:37:06+00:00
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