Providior is an Australian based provider of legal funding and report management services.

How we help

Providior helps by funding outlays your client is unable to. Individually it might not be much, but across a handful of files you're starting to talk real money - which in many cases is tied up for more than a year.

All this money has come straight out of your general account, but you still have wages and rent to pay. In simple terms you're choking your cashflow. Use our service and you'll free up your cashflow, which should very quickly help your bottom line. Hire another solicitor, do more marketing or just feel comfortable taking on extra pro-bono work. What you do is your business, it's our job to help you.

Whether it's covering search fees for a simple cottage conveyance, paying filing fees and advertising costs for probate, or even a Psychiatrist's report for a complex Personal Injury claim, we're here to help.

About you

If you're reading this then you're almost certainly part of a forward thinking team, whether it's a team of one or a something much bigger.

You're definitely someone who wants to make your legal practice a first rate operation, someone who takes pride in delivering outstanding client service and getting results. You're looking for ways to optimise revenue and profit opportunities, but without spending squillions of dollars you just don't have.

You work hard (probably too hard) and want to work smarter. And have a weekend off. In short, we'll be a good fit.

What we do

Providior provides a range of legal funding solutions for law firms practicing in Personal Injury, Estate and Conveyancing.

We offer fee deferral and disbursement funding for a range of expert reports and out of pocket costs. We help you find the right expert for your case and can manage the whole process from making the appointment to finalising the report. In short, we make law happen.

Talk to us if you need assistance outside of these areas, and we'll work with you to find a solution. We work closely with a number of highly regarded specialists, and look forward to working with you.

Contact Details

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